Opening Up: Demystifying Funder Transparency explores how transparency can strengthen credibility, improve grantee relationships, facilitate greater collaboration, increase public trust, reduce duplication of effort, and build communities of shared learning. New GrantCraft guide, co-produced with Glasspockets and written by Susan Parker, downloadable here.

Social, Digital & Mobile Around The World (January 2014) from We Are Social Singapore Social, Digital & Mobile Data from around the world collated by We Are Social Singapore on Jan 8, 2014 in a 183-slide powerpoint. All the key statistics, data and behavioural indicators for social, digital and mobile channels you could think of wanting. (Source:

The Maidan – December 3, 2013 from Rohan Jayasekera on Vimeo. Scenes from the anti-government protests in Kiev in December 2013. With thousands of protesters still converging on the Maidan all this week and thousands of police prepared to confront them, the danger of a repeat of the weekend’s violence in the city is high. … More

El Mac, commissioned by Rapt Studio of San Francisco to paint a mural for the new Adobe campus in Utah.“I wanted to paint an image representing an innocent approach to creativity, something that could convey the fundamental appeal and power of creation that’s inside all of us.” (Source:

21st century England: Local line caught mackerel on organic bread with pint of locally made pear cider… (at De La Warr Pavilion)

futurejournalismproject: Why It’s Time to Rethink Web Video Entirely Producer Adam Westbrook recently built an essay called The Web Video Problem about how cinematic video content is wrong for the web, and that we can and ought to recreate the visual storytelling experience on the web entirely. Toward that end, he’s working on web publishing house (Hot Pursuit). … More

I’m an ex Fleet Street hack, ex war reporter, now media charity fundraiser, free expression activist. I help colleagues in war zones & dictatorships develop, fund and implement programmes that will advance their free expression rights, in media, the arts and social activism. We need new tech tools in data mashing, privacy & security, multi-platform … More