Gang culture & terrorism: Speak without prejudice

Social media is the way to stir the pot of disaffected criminal youth, only now the scum that rises to the top (or sinks to the bottom) are as prepared to turn to terrorism as gang crime. … More Gang culture & terrorism: Speak without prejudice


Protecting sources: Raising the stakes

“No matter how careful you are from that point on, no matter how sophisticated your source, journalists have to be sure that they make no mistakes at all in the very beginning to the very end of a source relationship or they’re placing people actively at risk… It’s a constantly increasing list and one that we’re not even aware of today. I would say lawyers, doctors, investigators, possibly even accountants. Anyone who has an obligation to protect the privacy interests of their clients is facing a new and challenging world and we need new professional training and new professional standards to make sure that we have mechanisms to ensure that the average member of our society can have a reasonable measure of faith in the skills of all the members of these professions.” … More Protecting sources: Raising the stakes