Smug Waffle goes to college

Last lecture before exams, 14 days away, and I feel doomed. It’s not just that I don’t answer the question or ‘frame the argument’, whatever that means in practice – I can’t.

I just do that gun-for-hire columnist thing that I hate in others, confidently knocking out an interesting and briskly written 1,000 words, despite being only slightly more than functionally literate on the subject at hand, in the way that’s all too easily done by someone who’s written something for love, money or coffee each and every day for 35 years.

I just kick off from smart opening paragraph to closing kicker, jumping from fact to fact like an Eskimo hopping on and off ice floes. As long as I don’t fall in, I’ll look pretty good to the uninformed reader. Except, my lecturers ain’t uninformed…

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