There are some tensions between cinema and the Web that are difficult, maybe impossible, to resolve. In some respects, they are as different as the poetic and the literal. In cinema, much resides in the visual and the audio, and the fewer words, the better. In cinema, narratives (even fragmented, non-linear ones) unfold with discoveries, revelations and associations that all help trigger emotional experiences — for instance, secrets are kept and then revealed, or mysteries are presented and then solved. It’s poetic. (This is not a pipe. —as artist René Magritte famously indicated in a painting that questioned how we describe what we see.) Meanwhile, on the Web, it’s all about the text, the immediate, making all information and data transparent and all-accessible. It’s the literal. (This is definitely a pipe.)

Katerina Cizek director of One Millionth Tower, a documentary set in a “virtual storytelling landscape” shows how to transform a dilapidated highrise neighbourhood into a vibrant resident-led community.

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